Del Rio Texas is best known as the busiest pilot training base in the United States. It has been a training base since 1942 which eventually played a big role in providing employment to the border city.  Aside from having a strong historical background, Del Rio also takes pride in its different attractions and recreational sites.  If you are going for a business trip or a random vacation at this place then you might want to know the things you would want to do or the places you would like to visit. Here’s our top list of where to go and what to do!

1) AMISTAD NATIONAL RECREATION AREAmotor boating and fishing

Activities: Motor- boating and Fishing

This beautiful lake with cool and clear waters is situated between the borders of Texas and Mexico. It is known hot spot for great fishing and fun m
otor-boating! It is also a calm and peaceful place which is perfect for a laid back getaway.


Whitehead Memorial Museum

The museum showcases a variety of things to feed your eyes. From large outdoor grounds  of green grass,welcoming Amazon parrot and other interesting and even funky stuff!


Val Verde Winery

If you are a wine love or if you are just wanting to have a sip of it then you are in for a treat at this place. The finery is the first in Texas and was established by Frank Qualia in 1833.  It is just a small but fine and appealing winery!


San Felipe Country Club

The golf course is a 9 hole course that is quite challenging! There are some holes that would require extra effort in determining the ball’s direction. The staff is also very friendly and accommodating.  Green fees are also very reasonable so if you are a  golfer or if you just simply want to play golf the it is a must to check this place out!




Every travel must be worthwhile! It could be a travel intended for work or pleasure but either way, it should be an experience worth remembering.  For some, the challenge in travelling is not the “actual travel” itself but the time prior to it or what we can call as the “getting ready” stage. In order to get through this stage easily, we must know about the things we need to do or prepare before we hop on that plane or in that car.

 1. Security and Keeping Details Safe

– Make sure to bring and keep Passport, tickets, ID’s and ATM cards securely.

– Inform your family or friends about your destination and even your itinerary.

– Make sure you have access to important nos. like bank numbers, insurance co. numbers, etc.

2. Group your valuables

–  Try to be very simple yet organized as possible. You can do this by first categorizing your things. Determine the best place/bag to store your valuables.

– You can make use of plastics like zip clock in segregating your stuff.

 3. Choose the Right bag.

– You can use a backpack or any bag that would fit your things but be sure that it is sturdy and secured enough.

4. Carry-on

This is most especially important for long travels. If you have stop-overs, see to it that you have ample number of clean clothes. One thing that should also always be in your carry-on is your medication.

5. Roll Technique

Some clothes are better rolled than folded. It clears more space in your luggage and even makes it lighter!

6. Travelling to warm destinations?  Cold   destinations?

It is a “must” to know what kind of weather your destination has so you can pack the appropriate clothing and other stuff which might be needed.

7. Assess the weight of your luggage.

Another “must do” especially for long trips is to pre-determine the weight of your luggage ( which would vary per carrier). No one wants to bring a luggage that’s heavier than yourself but you just couldn’t help it right? so know your luggage limit if your not willing to pay extra charge.

8. Packing Checklist

A checklist is always a helpful tool and it does apply when you are packing the things you need for travelling! You can also keep a different list for the things you still need to buy. Once you see that everything on your list has been checked, it will surely give a sense of fulfillment!

9. Travel planning

A travel itinerary is not at all times necessary but could be “something nice to have”. If you are going on a business trip, an itinerary is most likely prepare for you but if you are out on a vacation, you should be able to do some research and list on your own.


Spreading the word does not literally meaning telling your random neighbors about your trip.  The last tip simply because it is the most important of all the tips. You must inform your family, relatives, friends or officemates about your trip and itinerary. Although you want to feel independent, it is still important to be safe when you’re travelling to a different place. You should also take note of the numbers of the local tourism office. If you have any relatives or friends on that place then paying them a visit or meeting up could be a good thing.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation or a business trip then we highly recommend that you check this list!  There could be so many other tips you could share to us so feel free to send us an email at


“To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love


HEALTHY WAYS of dealing with STRESS

Stress is a natural part of our lives. It is simply inevitable. No one is exempted from experiencing challenges and difficulties but we do have a choice on how to act on it.  We made a research on the different ways on how to cope or deal with stress and here’s the summary.


The things that cause most stress to many, if not all of us are the things which are out of our control.  It is actually a matter of how we look at things. Acceptance is the key but it would take “a lot” of practice to completely learn it. A happy life would need a mastery of this trait so if you truly want to be happy, you must start and practice acceptance as much as you can.


Stress is highly related to one’s problem solving skills. First thing you need to do is to determine the root cause or causes of your stress. From there, determine how you can effectively address and manage these causes. In this case, they key is adaptation.  A young doctor named Hans Selye is also renowned for developing a concept called General Adaptation Syndrome. (Know more about GAS: This generally refers to how we react to the stress around us. It also points out that “acceptance” reduces the damaging effects of stress in our lives.


Look around you and know what’s happening. Sometimes, we tend to make things worse than it seems or it could be the other way around. An accurate reality check is therefore needed!


Exercise has a lot of benefits to one’s body. However, it does not only bring physical well-being but mental clarity too. It allows you to channel all your stress in a healthy way so even a 5-minute walk can lighten up your negative thoughts.

#5: DBE

Aside from the physical exercises, DBE (deep breathing exercises) would also be helpful. You will be amazed at how it can reduce tension and stress.


In a word where negativity is almost everywhere, you just have to be positive and stay positive!  It is easier said than done but if you can learn to radiate and keep an aura of positivity then no negative energy can ever get to you.