Benefits of Corporate Housing

In the last year, the corporate housing industry has received a lot of attention as a comfortable, affordable way for companies to take care of the travel needs for their employees. And yet, some people don’t really know much about this industry or what it can offer companies. Let me share with you 3 of the many benefits corporate housing, corporate housing

Turnkey solutions. Let’s face it, setting up an apartment for an extended stay takes a lot of time and resources for your company. Locating a good apartment community or finding a house is time consuming! Then when you find the right place, there is arranging the furniture rental, setting up utilities and maybe even getting housewares sent. Depending on your company, this could be a full time job! Recently, a company came to Eagle Pass, Texas, who had been used to setting up their own housing wherever they went. We met them at one of the gated communities we work in, and when they saw that we could do the work for them, they were relieved to turn the job over to us. Within days, we had their apartment ready for them, down to the towels!

Short term furnished rental, Eagle Pass, Texas

 Savings to the company. We know that the best use of your resources is important to you. Corporate housing is not just a great way to take care of your people, but it is often more economical that staying in a hotel room for an extended period of time. While most hotel rooms average 200 square feet, a single bedroom apartment will often be 3 times that size and much more comfortable. Imagine sleeping in the privacy of your own bedroom, away from the work sitting at your table. Imagine cooking the kind of dinner you enjoy because you can! And all for the same price as a hotel room with three times the space and much more privacy.


Furnished housing,

Customized packages. Making a temporary rental a home away from home can offer challenges. Managing special touches may not be in the job description. But at Capri Temporary Housing, we specialize in custom packages. Rudy came to us through a relocation company. After viewing what we had to offer in furnished apartments, he decided that he would rather have a house. So together with our client, we were able to find a house that worked within the company’s budget and outfit the house especially for Rudy, including Spanish channels on the cable TV.

Short term furnished housing can be a breeze when you use a professional company like Capri.We service Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Laredo, Texas, and we have partners around the world.

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Unforgettable Furnished Housing, part 2

More surprises to come! Decidedly an adventure, Phillip and our oldest son Caleb set out to explore the village while the girls and I got ready for the night. Suddenly, Caleb burst into the cabin, exclaiming, “Mom, we heard the bears in the woods!” While bears were nothing new, the thought of walking a few hundred yards to the bathroom with bears required chaperoned bathroom trips before going to sleep. To frighten our unwanted neighbors, we made lots of noise on our way to and from the “luxury” outhouse that night. The bears,however, were not the worst predators we would encounter that night.An Adventure in Furnished Temporary Housing

After draping some blankets and sheets we found in the cupboards over the children who lay across the worn couch and overstuffed armchair in the living room, Phillip and I took our two year old son and lay down on the bed in the bedroom. Sunlight from the low hanging sun filtered through the wax paper window into our tiny room. As tired as we were, we were grateful just for a chance to close our eyes. But that was all we would do. Soon a familiar whine punctuated the still air. Slap. Slap. Slap. The sound of children battling with the summer mosquitoes in our cabin interrupted the quiet of the rooms.

By 2 in the morning, the buzz of the mosquitoes and the stagnant air convinced us that we would sleep better in our air conditioned car. Without a word, we got up, motioned to the children to fold their coverings, and we slipped out of the house. Guiltily, we left a note thanking our hostess for her hospitality before driving away from our impromptu temporary home.

As a corporate housing expert, I look back on our adventure with a chuckle. If it could have gone wrong, it did! Have you ever had that happen? While that made for an unusual vacation experience, to have a furnished cabin to stay in was a blessing.

Unexpected things can happen and often do.  Imagine that your trip had unexpected challenges and when you got to your destination, someone was there to take care of your housing for you. At Capri Temporary Housing, we take the surprises out of short term rentals. For one price, we make sure everything you need is provided. Our competent staff is here to give you the most pleasant stay possible! When you are looking for short term furnished  rentals, call Capri!


An unforgettable furnished housing experience!

An unusual experience in furnished housing!

Here we were at the side of the Haul Road in northern Alaska with a shredded tire on our Suburban as the sun began to dip toward the horizon. It started that morning in Fairbanks. Wanting to see the land where the sun never set, we set out early on the shale gravel road north of town known as the Dalton Highway.  The posted speed limit was 55 mph and we were making good time. The children enjoyed seeing the new scenery and were in awe as we crossed the Yukon River.

When we reached the rest stop marking the Arctic Circle, Phillip wanted to go farther and take us to Coldfoot. No problem. At the rate we were going, we’d  still get back home in time for dinner and the youth event at church that night.  But less than 2 miles from Coldfoot, on the return trip, the car shook hard and we heard it. Thump, thump, thump. We stopped at the side of the road, walked to the back of the car and discovered the shredded tire.

As Phillip changed the tire, a lady from our church in Fairbanks stopped by to offer help. Since the hour was late, the thought of driving all the way back home was no longer appealing. So at her beckoning, we accepted her offer to stay the night in her cabin. Nothing fancy, she promised, just cozy and dry.

Upon arriving at the cabin, we surveyed our accommodations for the night. The cabin was a 3 room cabin, with no electricity or running water. Thick translucent paper akin to  wax paper replaced glass in the window panes. A couch and easy chair were in the living room, and queen sized bed filled the only bedroom. A luxurious 3 hole outhouse was located about 100 yards away. And our hostess warned us that there had been bear sightings that evening.  To be continued. . . .