Travel Tips from a Corporate Housing Provider, part 2

Welcome to the second part of this 3 part series on holiday safety with Capri Temporary Housing.

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The holidays are a great time to enjoy our families and get some much needed rest from work It seems there is so much to do with parties and shopping and traveling. Here are some additional tips to help your holidays stay bright. Watch this video for additional tips to stay safe.


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Next week: With all the electronic gifts that will be unwrapped Christmas day, I will share some tips on internet and family safety. Have a wonderful and safe holiday!



Travel Tips from a Corporate Housing Provider

Staying safe while you are away from home for an extended time is so important during the holidays! Watch this video in which Anna shares some tips to deter would be thieves from spoiling your Christmas!



Know that criminals are looking for opportunities for crime. These tips are designed to help you reduce the amount of opportunity you may unknowingly offer a would be burglar during the holidays.

Three important points:

1. Do not discuss your travel plans in public. You never know who is listening! Someone may be looking for an opportunity to get some extra Christmas presents. At your expense.

2. Give your home the illusion of occupancy. Have a neighbor pick up your newspapers. Get a house sitter. Put the lights inside and out on timers. All these actions give a burglar second thoughts about choosing you as their next victim.

3. Put your garage door opener in your purse or briefcase. If your car is stolen with all the gifts inside, they can’t get into your house as well.


Comment below. Share any tips you have on holiday safety! We’d love to hear from you!





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