An Unusual Pet Travel Story–You’ll Never Believe this!

Did you hear about the fattest dog that rode in first class?? fatdogtweet1

This month we have been sharing tips for traveling with pets, and in all my looking, I could not resist sharing this with you!

Read here about the fattest dog that rode in first class on an airplane.  This story started as a tweet from a business traveler. Imagine standing in line behind this passenger!

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Tips for Traveling with Your Pets–A Live Discussion

All month, we’ve been talking about traveling with your pets. Travel nurses choose corporate housing because most apartments are pet friendly. But the tips in this video are great for anyone who will be traveling this holiday season.

I want to share with you a live discussion with pet experts on traveling with you pets, particularly with the holidays just around the corner. If the discussion is live, you can join! If not, you can listen to the replay.


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5 More Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

In our last blog post, we shared 5 tips for people traveling with pets. As a pet owner myself, I often forget that not everyone views our dog as a member of the family. and this can present challenges while you are traveling. But a little forethought and preparation can lead to a more pleasant trip and help your pet adjust to your new home much sooner.

When traveling by car, consider kenneling your pet.Travel-Nursing-Pets_521x373

A kennel helps keep your pet safe during travel. If your furry companion is not familiar with one, begin to acclimate him or her several days in advance with their temporary quarters. Keep in mind that the kennel needs to be a welcoming place, not a punishment. So take the time necessary to train your animal to go into the kennel willingly. A frightened pet makes for a difficult ride.

When traveling by car, take frequent breaks.

If you travel a lot, it’s very tempting to reduce your travel time by taking fewer breaks. When you are driving with your pet, you want to keep him exercised so he will be calmer while you travel. Just like children, regular breaks give you the chance to walk the dog, go to the bathroom, and relieve any pent up energy. Taking time to attend to your dog’s basic needs goes a long way for a more pleasant trip for both of you.

When traveling by air, check with your airlines guidelines for traveling with pets.

Travel by air requires extra planning. Most airlines have pet friendly policies, but you want to know exactly what the policies are. Each airline has its own procedures in terms of how to transport your pet, whether you can transport your pet as cargo or bring it in the cabin with you. Check with your vet and the USDA for travel guidelines. (content:

Bring something familiar to your pet for the transition.

Just like a child, when your pet has her familiar toys she will feel more like she is at home. If you have to leave your pet alone in your new apartment, leave a blanket or article of clothing with your familiar scent on it. It becomes a way for the pet to know you will be back. And smelling you is almost as good as being with you.

Spend extra time with you pet when you are settling in.

New sights and sounds can be very disorienting and stressful for your pet.  If it has been a long day, turn on the TV and relax with Snowball close by. Nothing is more comforting and reassuring to your pet than time spent with you!Take long walks in your new place, too. Long walks, especially when you first arrive, give your pet time to grow accustomed to the area and give you both needed exercise. Time spent with your pet in a new home and its surroundings will pay big dividends in the long run.

Traveling with pets requires thinking ahead, but the rewards can’t be numbered! We often work with pet owners for temporary lodging. Click on this link and sign up for our newsletter to get more information about traveling and options available to you.