3 Easy Actions to Help You Be Safe This Holiday Season

In the wake of the tragedy in Paris, many people are  thinking about personal safety. It’s on all our minds!

Capri Cares!

Because we serve travelers year round, we created this audio to share 3 simple actions you can take to stay safe while you are in public. Let’s face it. During the holidays, our to do list and travel plans keep us from focusing on the present moment. These distractions, however, create the perfect cover for crime. As a corporate housing provider, we are invested in the travel safety of our clients and friends, and so we created this audio for you.  This audio is for informational purposes, so you can be better prepared to avoid interpersonal violence.

What about the Police?

That’s a great question. Yes, law enforcement is there to deal with the bad guys that can ruin a perfectly good vacation! Wouldn’t it be nice if they could be everywhere to catch criminals! The fact is that the few tips we share in the audio below can go a long ways in helping them do their job. The simple tips which you can exercise whenever you are in public will lessen the likelihood that you will need the police to come.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Family Thanksgiving (source--Flickr.com)

Disclaimer: None of the information given can be construed as legal or professional advice. We make no guarantees for your personal safety if you act on this information. Rather, consider it as a tool kit that you can use to lessen the chance of falling victim to crime.

Click below to listen to 3 tips to help you stay safe in Public.


Here are some resources for you to get more information:

No Nonsense Self Defense

Refuse to be a Victim Seminar

Corporate Travel Safety

We wish you  a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Corporate apartments offer another level of security for the frequent traveler. Apartments are more private, often located in gated communities. We have apartments across the South Central Texas area. Let us know how we can serve you if you are traveling in Del Rio, Eagle Pass, or Laredo, Texas,  over the holidays. Check out our availability here.

What do you do to prevent crime when you are traveling? Comment below and we may include your suggestions in a future blog!




Holiday Survival: 5 Ingredients for Family Harmony

You know that just before that first Thanksgiving dinner there was one wise, old Native American woman saying, “Don’t feed them. If you feed them, they’ll never leave.”Dylan Brodydownload

Great quote to describe the interesting dynamics that can happen during the holidays. Holiday travel means family gatherings. On one hand, we look forward to catching up on the year’s happenings. On the other hand, we dread inevitable friction of everyone being in the same house together!  Family reunions can be downright stressful!

Usually, I share tips for traveling, relocating and all things related to corporate housing. Equally important, however, is how we can weather the other stresses which accompany family dinners. In an interview on my radio show, Black Belt Selling, last year, Patrick Dean, President of Seminar Systems, talked about how to handle those disappointments. I will share the highlights of that show here.

According to Patrick, people want to have a sense of closeness at the holidays. The tendency is to look outside of ourselves for joy and fulfillment.We look to relatives to make us happy.  A lot of stress at family get-togethers springs from seeing other people as  the source of validation. Basically, we are looking to get our needs fulfilled.
A little self examination, please!
What needs do we have that we look to others to fulfill? Could it be that we expect others to get excited for us about some new accomplishment? Or we just want Grandma to stop treating us like children, now that we are adults?  Satisfaction and joy come from serving others. Being truly authentic empowers you to serve others. If you are coming from a place of need, you cannot truly be present with the other person. Authenticity frees you to listen to others and serve them.
5 Ingredients for Greater Joy!
  • Stop looking to others for your happiness. Enough said there!
  • Love other people without needing to change them. Letting Aunt Sally criticize the gravy without pointing out she is wrong reduces your stress, her stress and everyone else’s stress.
  • Walk away from abusive or violent situations. You don’t need to endure mistreatment for the sake of getting along. A direct, quiet no gives the clear message that you respect yourself.
  • Don’t take your opinion too seriously. Lighten up!! Enjoy what others have to say, and everyone will have a better time!
  • Love with all your heart. This, too, is a choice which comes flows from practicing all of the above.Thanksgiving 2013

To hear more, you can go to my radio show on BlogTalkRadio to listen to the entire episode.

When visiting family, having your own place to get away from  the relatives can also be beneficial. Sometimes we just need a quiet place to be ourselves. At Capri, we offer vacation rentals for as little as 3 days in the Del Rio area. Consider having a comfortable apartment to escape the chaos when you visit relatives. Call us or email us to find out how we can help you!