What Happens When You Need to Break A Lease

The first time someone broke a lease with me, I was furious! The tenant claimed that an “expert” verified there was mold in her house, and she felt the house was hazardous to her health. The expert turned out to be a contractor of questionable reputation, and the real reason she wanted to leave was to return to Chicago to be with her friends. Was that grounds to break her lease??
In the life of a landlord, this situation invariably comes up. Sometimes, there are legitimate reasons for terminating your contract early, however, here are some tips to keep in mind.
  • Leases are legal contracts. When you sign a lease, you are saying in good faith that you intend to pay the rent on time until your lease expires and you give your landlord the proper written notice. Unless you and your landlord agree otherwise, you must pay the rent whether you live there or not..


    A lease is a binding legal contract.

  • Read your lease before calling your landlord.
    • Relet fees. Depending on your lease, you may be responsible for a reletting fee. This fee is considered legal damages for early termination of the lease. You will still liable to pay rent until the unit has been rerented or your lease expires.
    • Security deposit. Some landlords will simply keep your security deposit and let you leave. If that is the case, make sure you get it in writing. Oral agreements do not stand up in court if you find yourself being sued for lost rent.
    • Military clause. Active duty military can terminate a lease with 30 days written notice and a copy of official orders. Read your lease for provisions for early termination.
  • Thinking about skipping out? Think again!
    • Collections:  After 30 days of nonpayment, your account can be turned over to a collection agency. If payment is not made, this action becomes a negative remark on your credit report.
    • Credit report: If you intend to rent again, a broken lease shows up on your credit report as well. Landlords who see that you have broken a lease in the past are less likely to rent to you.
    • Landlords can seek a judgment against you. With an airtight lease, and proof that you left on bad terms, the court will often rule in their favor.
There are costs to breaking a lease like the costs to canceling your cell phone contract. Make sure you know those costs when you are deciding to break your lease. Realize your landlord is not obliged to work with you beyond the terms of the lease. Talk to your landlord as soon as you know you need to leave. Follow up with a written notice of your intention.
Willingness to work with you landlord can go a long way to leaving on friendly terms and getting a recommendation for your next rental.

A Letter, A Picture, and A Company

The seeds of Capri Temporary Housing started with a photograph.22mom
“Who is this, Ma?” Luigi asked.
“Oh, that’s Gianni,” his mother replied in broken English. “The daughter of my friend”
“What friend?”
Dad’s mother, Anna, came to America from a small village near Sorrento, Italy. Anna grew up with Maria, my mother’s mom. Anna’s older sister, Luisa, had passed away, leaving 3 children behind. At her own mother’s urging, Anna married her sister’s husband and moved to  Brooklyn, New York,  to raise his children. She and my grandfather, Salvatore, had another eight children, of which my father was her third child. Anna missed her home and stayed in touch with her friend, Maria, through letters.
My mom, the oldest of Maria’s five children, and the only girl, quit school in the 4th grade to help her mother at home. Her brothers often spied on her when she grew older, and once, her father dragged home when her brothers told him about a secret meeting with a boyfriend. Mom longed for freedom, and ached to come to America. One day in May of 1959, her mother, Maria,  sent a picture of my then 22 year old mother to Anna. This picture turned my dad’s head. And soon, Giovanna, my mother received a letter from this dashing young man in America

On September 1st, 1959, they met for the first time. Dad proposed. Mom accepted. 10 days   later, on September 10th, they were married in a little chapel near the little village where my grandmothers and my mother grew up.

10 Days leads to 38 Years

10 days leads to 38 years

The next 38 years flew by.  I remember setting the table every holiday with the best china in preparation for the  friends who were always welcome in our home. Mom and Dad loved to entertain guests! I guess that is where I got the bug to offer hospitality. Even if guests dropped in, Mom always found food and coffee to offer them to make them feel at home. My parents never knew a stranger, and neither do we!

I chose the name Capri to honor my Italian heritage. It is part of the culture of our company. For instance, the fixin’s for a spaghetti dinner sit in a gift bag on the counter of your furnished apartment.
Hospitality is the fabric of our service to you. It is our mission to give you the best in furnished apartments, wherever you need us. Like my parents, you will never be a stranger!
To get a quote on rates and availability, give us a call at 800-258-3959. We can service your needs anywhere in the United States!
Professionally Furnished Apartments at Exceptional Prices!

Goals 102; Get into Action!

Have you written your goals down? What is your why? What benefits will you enjoy? If you still need to do this, go back to my blog post on January 15th before reading further.Goal Setting

In my last post, I promised to give you action steps for making your dream a reality. First we’ll talk about 3 important characteristics of goals that motivate, then the steps to make them a reality.

  • BIG!!
    In sports, athletes perform better against tough competition than mediocre. The tougher the competition, the better the performance. I’m not sure what it is about small goals. They may seem too easy. So we don’t work as hard. Often, small goals slip past us because they didn’t have power to energize us.

    1. Dream big! If your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough! Don’t be afraid of failing! Trying for something bigger means that if you fall short, you will have accomplished more than if you did what you thought you could.
    2. Action: If you have a money goal, add a zero to it. WRITE IT DOWN! If you have a number of customers to reach or units to sell, grow it by 15 or 20%. Write the goal down and put it where you will see it every day for 30 days. Repeat that goal and state it with gratitude, as if IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING! It will feel uncomfortable at first but push through the discomfort and do it anyway.
  • Long range
    Think about a new driver. They tend to look at the road right in front of the car. Result? The path is not straight. They are more accident prone because they aren’t looking far enough. When they change their focus to farther down the road, the ride is smoother.

    1. Like driving a car, we need to plan goals that look far down the road. It helps us know the direction we are heading and keep us motivated when our path takes a detour.
    2. Action: Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? WRITE these things down. Keep them in a place where you will see them every day! This will help you keep your eyes on the big picture.
  • Have a plan.
    1. Don’t confuse activity with achievement. Your actions must be purposeful. Most people don’t plan to fail. They simply fail to plan!
    2. Action: Start from the end and work your way backwards. WRITE each step required for the next milestone to happen. Take action every day! Even little steps move you forward. You are on your way!

We have grown Capri Temporary Housing to the major corporate housing company in our region using this process. We continue to improve our operations to better serve you.

Let us provide your company with the best in corporate housing. Call us at 800-258-3959, find out how we can help you save money for your next project.