Rules for Success from a Hospitality Magnate

Slide1I’m always looking for ways to improve my business and my life. I figure that the things that make me successful in business make me successful in life. So when I came across this blog by Bill Marriott, I thought, “This is good stuff.” Like Bill, I love lists, and what helps the leader of an international organization be successful can help all of us who are hungry to be better.

No one accidentally becomes a good leader.  Bill Marriott

Marriott says, “No one accidentally becomes a good leader. It takes dedication and discipline.” I agree. As a business owner and a martial artist, I have discovered this painful truth. Discipline requires forethought, and doing what is necessary whether you feel like it or not.  It means doing what others won’t to serve the ones you lead. I wish that was easy. But the list Mr. Marriott shares can provide structure to the important focus you need for that discipline.

Here is his list:

  1. Challenge your team to do better. And do it often.
  2. Take good care of your associates, and they will take good care of your customers. And they will come back.
  3. Celebrate your people’s success, and not your own.
  4. Know what you are good at and keep improving.
  5. Take action now! Err on the side of doing. Indecision paralyzes. Got with your gut, and move forward.
  6. Communicate by listening to your customers, associates and competitors.
  7. See and be seen. Get out from behind your desk, and be accessible.
  8. Focus on the details. Success is in the details.
  9. Customer needs vary, but their expectation of quality does not.
  10. Always hire people who are smarter than you are.
  11. It’s more important to hire people for their qualities than for their experience.
  12. View every problem as an opportunity to grow.

To become the leader we want to be, we need a plan, determination and discipline. I love this list! It helps to keep our focus on what is truly important as we realize success in business and life. Which of these items do you feel comfortable with? Which one do you feel requires some work? I’d love to hear your response! Comment below and let me know what you think.

Thanks, Bill, for these words of wisdom. To read his blog, go to


Having Trouble Getting It All Done? 9 Tips to Help Busy Professionals

dreamstime_s_9894256Busy professionals. Do we ever feel like we will get it all done? Today’s business professionals are plagued by fatigue, stress and forgetfulness. Forgetting we are only human, we try to do more and more only to discover the more we try, the less we do. The warning signs that we are out of sorts start as simple as forgetting things or yelling at your spouse.
The following is a list of common signals that our to do list has taken over our life. If you experience one of these signals, try the simple remedy to help you.
Having trouble focusing? Then drink a glass of water
     A glass of water helps us focus better. Our biology textbook said it: our bodies are 75% water. When we are even slightly dehydrated (maybe from those 5 cups of coffee we drank to stay awake at work), we have more difficulty focusing on work. Getting at least 64 oz of water a day will do wonders for staying on task.Health tip: Drink more water.
Forgetting things? Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep
     A surprising benefit of getting enough sleep is improved memory. When we are sleep deprived, we tend to forget little details that may be important (like picking up the groceries on the way home). Getting enough sleep is critical to our peak performance, so do what it takes to get enough rest every night.
Winter fruits boost immunity.
Feeling irritable? Add color to your diet.
     Vegetables have vitamins that empower you to deal with stress more effectively. The B vitamins and omega 3-fatty acids fight anxiety and depression. These as well as magnesium (essential for proper nerve function) are found in abundance in a variety of vegetables. Don’t be tempted to rely on vitamin supplements. Stick with the real thing.
Can’t solve a problem? Go for a walk.
     Exercise does more than reduce your waistline. Increased blood flow to your brain supplies oxygen necessary to think better. It also releases dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter, into our blood stream, giving us a sense of well-being. When we feel better, the cloud of our negative mindset lifts so we can see better solutions.
Overwhelmed by your to do list? Take time to meditate/pray.474231-bigthumbnail
     Science has proven that meditation helps us be more aware of the present moment. When the fear of “not getting it all done” overtakes us, meditation brings us back to the present.
Kids misbehaving? Schedule family time.
     Now more than ever, we need to connect with our family. More and more companies understand when we have to step away from the job to take care of family issues, But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We can focus on work better if we are not worried about our family’s wellbeing.
Tired of going to work? Take one day off every week.mother-and-daughter-working-in-garden_shutterstock_71162299
     We need rest. Not just the 7 or 8 hours at night, but one whole day a week. A day off helps us recharge our batteries. The rest energizes us to tackle the challenges of the week with power. That is the strength rest gives us.
Feel you’re on a treadmill? Take up a hobby
     Are you an artist? A gardener? A poet? Indulge the creative side of you. Not only does it provide relief from the daily grind, but it also rests your brain from problem solving. Often the problem that is dragging you down will find a solution when “thinking” mind is preoccupied wi
Feeling out of control? Track your time:writing-828911_960_720
     Awareness is the first step to taking control of your life. Tracking your time makes you more aware of what you are doing, so you choose activities that are more meaningful for you. Start by keeping a notebook of your to do list. Write down start and stop times for each activity. At the end of the week, schedule time to look at your “time diary” and make adjustments to get back control of your life.
Use these signals to trigger a new response to your hectic life. You will be amazed at how much more productive and in control of your life you will be!
What do you do to maintain balance in your life? Post a comment in the thread below. Share your wisdom with others!
Anna Scheller, CCHP, is a business owner, martial artist, author, and mother of 7 children. When she is not running 2 businesses and prepping for radio shows, she and her husband, Phillip, serve as youth pastors in their church. And tries to grow herbs without killing them in the hot Texas sun. You can reach Anna at

10 Tips for Busy Business Travelers

I love to travel. Seeing new places, meeting new colleagues, making new friends are all part of the excitement of business trips. On the flip side, travel can be very tiring. Hectic schedules, late nights and close contact with other travelers on airplanes can run down a road warrior’s immune system, making him more susceptible to illness.Business Travel

In this blog, I’ve compiled top tips from 10 different sources to help you navigate the trials of business travel with less stress.

  1. Keep essentials packed at all times. If you travel a lot, you want to remember crucial items. The best way is to keep them packed in your suitcase when you empty it after your trip. Then you never have to worry about forgetting essential items when you drop onto your bed at midnight after a long day of travel. (courtesy of US News)passport
  2. Back up important documents in electronic form. Identity theft occurs more and more frequently. Passports, credit cards, and immunization records can be stolen, so keep a scanned copy on your phone or a cloud based storage site, like Dropbox. If something does happen, you will have your information at your fingertips. (Source: Independent Traveler)
  3. Charge up all devices before you go. Smartphones and laptops use battery quickly. Before you get on your flight or start driving, charge up so you don’t lose vital communication while you are traveling. Keep in mind, a dead phone can be confiscated by TSA as a security precaution, too! (Source: The Telegraph)airplane
  4. Know the difference between nonstop and direct flights. Did you ever find yourself on a flight, thinking there were no stops when the plane lands at another airport first? Direct flights take you to your destination, but make one or 2 stops along the way. Nonstop flights fly to your destination without landing at other airports. When you book your flight, choose nonstop if it is within your budget. (Source: Business Insider)
  5. Eat right. Healthy eating gives us the fuel to navigate the stresses of travel with more grace. Eating light and staying away from alcohol help make for more comfortable travel, and a better adjustment to your next destination. (Source: Fast Company)healthy snacks
  6. Always hydrate. Dehydration plagues most travelers. You might be too busy to remember to drink or that Starbuck grande latte is the only thing keeping you awake. Plan ahead to bring a water bottle, and fill it up after you go through airport security. Avoid alcohol to reduce loss of body fluids. You want to feel your best when you get to where you are going. (Source: Forbes)
  7. Get enough sleep. When children need sleep, they get cranky. The same goes for adults. Adults require seven to eight hours of sleep to function well. Find ways to get sleep so you are at your best for your meeting or new job assignment when you arrive. Need some help? Read this article for some great tips: “Sleep Well While You Travel”Sleep for health.
  8. Pack a spare change of clothes in your carry on. Unexpected situations can cause delays, so your checked luggage doesn’t always get off the same plane you do. Undergarments, and clothes for the event you are attending give peace of mind in the event you baggage arrives at the airport later than you. (Source: Huffington Post)
  9. Take your time getting off the plane. Tempted to stand up when the plane stops at the gate? Relax. Take your time. Sometimes, it can take a while to open the door, so you could be standing for quite some time. Slowing down a little can help you get centered, and open up the opportunity for a random act of kindness. That alone can help you feel better! (Source: NY Times)
  10. Fully Furnished Short Term ApartmentLook for alternatives to hotels. More and more business travelers are looking for more home like accommodations. “Apartments or rooms in private homes are where the savvy travellers rest their heads these days,” says Sam Baldwin, travel editor for Skyscanner.


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Three Tips to stay safe While You Visit the Mexican Border

Holiday travel can be exciting and fun. The Mexican border is a popular vacation site during any holiday. Use these three tips to stay safe while you spend your holidays here.    Border

#1. Exercise caution:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings. Put your smartphone away. Being distracted on your cellphone makes you an easy target for a watchful thief.
  • Dress nice, but not too nice. Don’t wear expensive looking jewelry. Criminals are looking for targets who appear to have more money to steal. Expensive  jewelry operates like a sign that says to a criminal, “Pick me! Pick me!”
  • Keep your camera in a bag or purse. Looking like a tourist makes you an easy mark for a would be thief.

#2 Ensure you have all your documents when you travel.

  • Documents. Make copies of your travel docs and give the copies to someone for safe keeping. While we all expect to return from our trips, not every trip goes as expected. If you lose your documents or become ill, a quick phone call to a trusted friend or relative can save untold misery if an emergency arises.
  • Money. Exchange money at your bank or a reputable exchange service. Shop around for good exchange services, if you plan to use cash. Even better, use a dummy wallet with a little bit of change that you can throw to a mugger. If you never have to use it, great. If you do, it may save your life!
  • At Customs: Have the docs ready when you cross back into the US. Without documents, you WILL be delayed returning to the US until someone in the US can prove your citizenship. Sitting in a customs waiting area can put a big damper on your holiday plans!

#3 Deny predators anonymity!

  • Travel in a group. Numbers provide safety when you are in an unfamiliar country. Predators look for people who are by themselves. It gives them anonymity. Staying with a group makes you a less attractive target.
  • Stay in well traveled, well-lit locations. Again, this denies a criminal a place to lurk.
  • Get home before dark. Enough said there!

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