10 Things to Know About Short Term Rentals, Pt 2

Can I just call to let someone know when I’m leaving?

No. Send your notice in writing! Your lease requires it. In writing can mean a physical letter sent to the provider, or an email. Check with your provider to make sure they will accept email. The notice becomes effective on the date the notice was received by the provider. Get confirmation from your provider that they received it,    DON’T TEXT! Text does not serve as official notification.   short term no call


What are all these fees?

Apartment communities charge various fees for the application. There can be an application fee and an admin fee. Additionally, there are installation fees for cable, electricity, and other utilities. Is your security deposit refundable? That’s important to know, too. Your corporate housing provider will often include all those fees in your monthly rental charge, so you just write one check every month. Stress free, right?

short term fee


I don’t want to move my furniture twice. What about furniture rentals?

Furniture rentals for individuals can be pricey. Unless your company has an account with a nationwide furniture rental company, you will pay more for furniture. When you work with a corporate housing provider, you will get a better deal on furniture that is included in your package.

short rental 2xs


Should I get renter’s insurance?

Renter’s insurance is always a good idea. In your furnished apartment, your provider is responsible for the furnishings and housewares, however your personal property is not. It often costs just a few dollars a month, to have peace of mind that you are covered.

short term lease renters ins


I can save money by setting up my own temporary home, right?

Of course! You could, but every choice has a hidden cost. There is the cost of time: the time you spend coordinating the utilities, the cable, furniture rental. Time from work to oversee the delivery of rented furniture and installing the cable. Instead, you could be using that to focus on your work or taking care of your family. The choice is yours!

short term leaseFurniture Rentals


Corporate housing is more than just a furnished apartment. It’s people who ensure you have a worry free stay. You can  do all the work yourself, or leave it to us.

10 Things to Know About Short Term Rentals

Why is it so hard to find a short term rental?

Let ‘s face it. Most people rent investment property want sure money. If you are only staying 2 or 3 months, that means a landlord has to find someone else to fishort term lease rentalll the property. Keeping this in mind when you are looking for something short term will help you in your search.



Why do short term rentals cost more?

Rental property is a business, just like Microsoft or Nike. If there is no profit, there is not rental property. Short term leases usually mean higher vacancy, which leads to additional fees so the property can continue to short term leaseoperate. This additional fee is worth the convenience of being able to leave after 2 or 3 months without obligation.




If my company is signing the lease, why do I have to undergo a back ground check?

Understand that background checks are standard in most rentals. If your company hires a corporate housing company like Capri to set up your rental for you, the credit check can often be waived, Background checks are to ensure the safety of the coshort term lease backgroundmmunity that you will be living in. Find out if you need to fill out any paperwork to expedite your move in date.



Why can the rent quote from a corporate housing provider only be good for a short time?

When you receive a quote from a corporate housing provider, they may only be able to promise the price for 72 hours or less. Many property management companies have adopted a pricing model that varies the rent to compensate for seasons of high vacancy.  An apartment could cost $1500/month for a 3 month lease one week, then soar to $2600 next month for the same lease term. To lock in a price, often it is necessary to make a decision quickly.


How much advance notice do I have to give when I leave?

In most metropolitan areas, apartment communities require a 60 day written notice to vacate. Your corporate housing provider will very likely have the same provision in your lease with them. Whatever that period is, know that you are responsible to pay the rent through the notice period. Put the date on your calendar so you can plan ahead, and avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Hope you enjoyed these first 5 steps of the 10 Things to know About Short Term Leases, next week, we’ll talk about the remaining 5. Stay in touch!


Getting Ready to Travel Tips

Every travel must be worthwhile! It could be a travel intended for work or pleasure but either way, it should be an experience worth remembering.  For some, the challenge in travelling is not the “actual travel” itself but the time prior to it or what we travelcan call as the “getting ready” stage. In order to get tthrough this stage easily, we must know about the things we need to do or prepare before we hop on that plane or in that car.


– Make sure to bring and keep Passport, tickets, ID’s and ATM cards securely.

– Inform your family or friends about your destination and even your itinerary.

– Make sure you have access to important nos. like banktravel (1) numbers, insurance co. numbers, etc.


–  Try to be very simple yet organized as possible. You can do this by first categorizing your things. Determine the best place/bag to store your valuables.

– You can make use of plastics like zip clock in segregating your stuff.


– You can use a backpack or any bag that would fit your things but be sure that it is sturdy and secured enough.

4. Carry On

This is most especially important for long travels. If you have stop-overs, see to it that you have ample number of clean clothes. One thing that should also always be in your carry-on is your medication.


Some clothes are better rolled than folded. It clears more space in your luggage and even makes it lighter!


It is a “must” to know what kind of weather your destination has so you can pack the appropriate clothing and other stuff which might be needed.


Another “must do” especially for long trips is to pre-determine the weight of your luggage ( which would vary per carrier). No one wants to bring a luggage that’s heavier than yourself but you just couldn’t help it right? so know your luggage limit if your not willing to pay extra charge.


A checklist is always a helpful tool and it does apply when you are packing the things you need for travelling! You can also keep a different list for the things you still need to buy. Once you see that everything on your list has been checked, it will surely give a sense of fulfillment!


A travel itinerary is not at all times necessary but could be “something nice to have”. If you are going on a business trip, an itinerary is most likely prepare for you but if you are out on a vacation, you should be able to do some research and list on your own.


Spreading the word does not literally meaning telling your random neighbors about your trip.  The last tip simply because it is the most important of all the tips. You must inform your family, relatives, friends or officemates about your trip and itinerary. Although you want to feel independent, it is still important to be safe when you’re travelling to a different place. You should also take note of the numbers of the local tourism office. If you have any relatives or friends on that place then paying them a visit or meeting up could be a good thing.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation or a business trip then we highly recommend that you check this list!  There could be so many other tips you could share to us so feel free to send us an email at customercare@capritemporaryhousing.com.

Internet Safety for You and Your Child

The internet has truly shrunk the world. With Ebay and Amazon, we can buy and sell goods at discounts from any country. Chat rooms and social media have opened the door to new relationships with people on other continents. Yet these same advantages also pose dangers to our children, who have greater access to the Internet through electronics. Never before has so much been so available to us and at the same time given people so much access to our families.

Father with daughter playing on digital tablet. Selective focus on the child's finger.

The Internet is a great place for Cyber stalkers to lure victims. It provides anonymity for criminals looking for opportunity.  In chat rooms, a 42 year old man can pose at a 15 year old boy. But I have good news!! You have tools to empower your child to spot predators and flee their traps.

Here are some Action Steps for Parents you can take to keep your child safe on the internet:

1. Be informed! There are many books and websites available on the subject. Don’t be afraid! Knowledge replaces fear with strength and confidence.

2. Keep lines of communication open with your children. Besides being good parenting, open communication enables your child to come to you if they are concerned about anything they encounter on the internet.  f they know you will listen, your children are more likely to come to you for support and answers about situations they are uncomfortable with.

3. Watch the clock. Limit the amount of time your children are on the internet, just like you do the TV or the phone. Moderation helps them become a well rounded individual. Plus, when you are together, you will really want them to be present with you and not in some “other world”.

4.  Monitor activity. Check in on your children while they are on the internet. If they are under 16, you can insist they be in a common area when they are on their electronics.  Awareness is the first step to prevention or intervention, if necessary.

Action Steps for Children

1. Help your child pick a screen name that will attract the kind of friends your child would like.

2. Tell your child only to send photos with your permission.

3. Tell your child that if he encounter inappropriate or offensive messages, never respond to them.

4. Make sure your child knows to never give anyone personal information or passwords online. While this makes sense to us, telling someone online the kind of car your family has or discussing personal problems on the internet, can reveal to a predator how to find your child.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of actions to take. This blog is meant to empower you to protect your children while they explore the wonderful world of the internet. Feel free to watch our video about internet safety at http://bit.ly/1iiaJOu

What to Do In Del Rio

Sip a glass of locally made wine. Hike through ancient limestone canyons. Swim in the cool and clear waters of a stunning lake or browse an art gallery fully stocked with works made by Texan artists. These are just a few of the things to do in Del Rio, a quaint border town. From stunning natural areas to fascinating art galleries, there’s much to enjoy about Del Rio. Get your adventure in Del Rio started.

1. Visit the oldest Winery in Texas
Val Verde Winery
    Sip a glass of locally made wine. Hike through ancient limestone canyons. Swim in the cool and clear waters of a stunning lake or browse an art gallery fully stocked with works made by Texan artists. These are just a few of the things to do in Del Rio, a quaint border town. From stunning natural areas to fascinating art galleries, there’s much to enjoy about Del Rio. Get your adventure in Del Rio started.
2. Experience Lake Amistad 
    Lake Amistad, the third largest lake in the state that is known as one of the best balakess fishing spot in Texas. The lake’s clear blue water is fully stocked with other types of fish, including stripers and yellow catfish. Fishing can be done anywhere outside of the lake’s harbors and designated swimming areas on the US and Mexican side of the border. Before you load up your tackle box and head out to the lake, you should be aware that Texas and Mexico require fishing permits, both of which you can buy on the Texas side of the border.
3. Cool off in San Felipe Springs
    San Felipe Springs, has been an alluring oasis since Spanish explorers san_felipe_creek_walkand missionaries found their way into Texas in the 17th century. Today, it’s a popular place to escape the heat for locals and visitors alike. The most popular swimming holes in Del Rio are Horseshoe Park, Lions Park, and Blue Lake, all of which are on the eastern side of town near the San Felipe Country Club. If you find yourself in Del Rio and you’re looking to escape the summer heat, there’s no better way to do it than by swimming in the pristine waters of San Felipe Springs.
4. Walk on Del Rio’s Artistic Side
    There are numerous art galleries full of unique paintings, sculptures, and photography that you can explore. This includes the Del Rio Council for the Arts at the Firehous0art1e Gallery, a public arts facility that has two distinct galleries housed within the town’s original firehouse and city hall. Casa de La Cultura, situated on Del Rio’s south side, showcases works created by artists from around the state of Texas in its gallery. Finally, the Lee Bunch Studio Gallery displays, and sells, oil paintings, hand-painted China, and more. You can visit these art galleries in Del Rio on your own or during Del Rio’s artwalk, which takes place the first Friday of every month.
5. Check out Ancient Cave Paintings
    Although there are several caves that have spectacular examples of cave paintings, Panther Cave may be the most eye-catching. A 10-foot-long painting of a red panther adorns the rear wall of the cave, but even that is just of one of hundreds of motifs tha00t can be found here. Parida Cave, is another impressive site for cave paintings. Along with all the ancient art, Parida Cave offers great views of the Rio Grande River and it surroundings.

7 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for the Traveling Mom

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d offer some cool ideas for gifts. Mom will love you for thinking about her like this!

Start out with an unusual Mother’s Day card.


This card will keep Mom laughing and let her know you care.  See etsy.com





Tea from around the WorldTeas for mom to relax with


Help Mom enjoy a world of flavor without ever leaving the comfort of her favorite chair. This international set of teas is a great way to help her sit down and relax on her special day.



Coffee Candle

If your mom loves coffee and candles, then this is the perfect gift for her. These candles are made of soy wax, so they are smokeless. Go to http://thescentedbean.com to order.coffee candle



Every woman loves jewelry, and this line of jewelry is inexpensive and very stylish. And the good news is… all the jewelry is just $5! Make Mom feel special Order this piece by going to this website.





Swiss Army Card

Mom’s not the knife carrying type? No problem! She can have all the tools she needs in case. It’s the size of a credit card. And that means you’ll be able to pack in all the functionality you need for your everyday adventures and carry them in your wallet as you move through life. for the mom on the go. Swiss Army Card for Traveling Mom





Flavor Infusing Water Bottle

When Mom is on the go, water is important for her. This cool gift lets her choose her flavorings and create her own flavored water, and keeps her hydrated.23267_meds





Yoga Mat

Lots of moms are turning to yoga for health and relaxation. And mats from La Vie Boheme will have your mom in her mindful place in no time. Check out the website for other designs.This colorful yoga mat helps mom relax at night.





No matter what you choose, make sure Mom knows how special she is.

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A Day At The Food Bank!

 Here is a chronicle of my day at the Food Bank in Del Rio, TX.
8:30           Pick up students from my church to work at the Food Bank with me and my children
8:50           Arrive at the food bank.
8:55           Gary & Gisela Lenz, one of the coordinators, explain how to serve the customers. There are 2 programs at Loaves and Fishes. The people who present white tickets are with the program for the elderly. They receive one of the paper bags of groceries with a block of cheese provided by the South Texas Food Bank in Laredo, TX. People with the blue card register locally, and receive a recyclable bag (that can be purchased for 60 cents) full of groceries from local donors.
9:00-9:30      The doors open and the first wave of people come filing in. The elderly go to the registration table to get their white tickets, then come to me. After they put the tickets in a jar I’m holding, one of my young helperAnna and kids (2)s carries bags out to their vehicles. People with the blue cards go to another table. One of three volunteers highlights “March” on their cards, and directs them to the recyclable bags filled with groceries. Another volunteer is directing his two helpers to assist the customers with bags of food.
9:30          The president of the Bank & Trust, Bill Cauthorn, comes by to thank the volunteers for their service. Mr. Cauthorn is a major supporter of Loaves and Fishes.
9:45 to 11:30      People continue to come in waves to get food. Gary has to bring 3 more pallets of filled grocery bags to me and my helpers because we have already given away over 170 bags of food in just 2 1/2 hours! A gentleman comes in, bringing donations from a local organization for the food pantry. When the kids aren’t carrying groceries out for customers, they help Gary unload the truck full of canned goods.
12 noon      Our work is done. We set a record that day. Over 215 people served, with over 350 bags of groceries given away!
Loaves and Fishes, the name for our local food pantry, has served over 30,000 people last year with much needed groceries. Local organizations like the Bank and Trust and Laughlin Air Force Base, contribute time and resources to support the work done there.
We at Capri, in partnership with Move For Hunger, will be donating our time and the non perishable foods that are often left by our guests to food pantries like Loaves and Fishes. This is our way of giving back to our communities.
For more information about the Del Rio Food Pantry, you can go to https://www.facebook.com/Loavesfishesfood/
For more pictures of our day at Loaves and Fishes, check out our album on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1052633444804705.1073741832.199445820123476&type=3
What kind of charitable work do you do? How do you give back to your community? We’d love to hear. Share your experience in the comments below and we will include them in a future blog post!

Black Belt Selling-Closing With Confidence

My husband, Phillip, introduced me to Eric. When Deena challenged me with those four painful questions three years ago, I started reading books about sales. Two months into my quest, Phillip forwarded an email invitation for a free conference call about objection handling. I cleared my schedule to be on the call. Because he was a sales trainer, I assumed Eric had always been good at sales. However, that is not true.

Going from fearful to Confident!

Going from fearful to Confident!

Do you feel like a sales failure?
“I actually start off as a sales failure,” Eric shares. “I was terrible at it! The first sales team that I was on was comprised of about 15 sales people. I was the bottom producer my entire first year. At the end of that year I missed quota two months in a row and was written up because of it. My sales manager told me I had one more month or I would be let go.
“Dr. Moines took a scientific approach to selling. He wrote his PhD dissertation on what separates sales super stars from average sales people. If you ask people who are naturally gifted at selling how they close so many sales, they will often say they don’t know. They just do it. Dr. Moines studied these sales super stars to uncover what makes them so successful.
“Through his extensive research , he observed several striking traits they shared in common. They told the same stories, presentation after presentation. They closed in the same way. They asked similar probing questions and prepared for their clients in the same way. Dr. Moine literally cracked the code!”

Systems work!
Dr. Moines taught Eric a system for selling based on his research. When Dr. Moine said, “Do this here, do that here,” Eric did it. He taught Eric to create an outline of the presentation that he was going to deliver. To this day, if Eric has a presentation tomorrow, today he is going to spend time creating the outline of what he is going to cover and in what order.
That first month , Eric made his quota of $10,000. The following month, he sold more than five times the quota, becoming the top producer in his division! Since then, he’s never looked back. According to Eric, “It’s kind of like riding a bike. Once you learn how to do it, you know how to do it for the rest of your life. ”

Why choose corporate housing!

Are you a road warrior? Would you like to stay in a place that has all the comforts of your own home? Would you like to be more than another occupant?


If your answer is YES, then look no further!

Admit it, business transactions do not always happen overnight. Most times, a manager or a representative from a company has to stay for a few days or weeks and even reaching up to several months to get things done. You don’t have to settle for cramped quarters anymore. There is an alternative!!

Capri Temporary Housing provides fully serviced apartments for such temporary stays.The units are fully-furnished with the other amenities needed for a comfortable stay. Cost varies on many factors like the size and location of the place. However, corporate housing is often more affordable than hotel stay.

At Capri, we take the pain out of moving so that when you arrive athow housing helps you

your destination, you can enjoy all the comforts of home, hassle free.

Here’s a list of the benefits when choose to stay with us:

  1.  Affordability (less expensive than hotel rates)
  2.  Accessibility (near your workplace)
  3. Personalized (can tailor your package with additional services as you desire and as your budget allows)
  4. Pet friendly (you can bring your pets – depending on certain units)
  5. Home-like environment

If you are travelling or doing a business in Texas or anywhere in the US, give us a call at 800-258-3959. You can also send us an email at customercare@capritemporaryhousing.com  and like us on Facebook.

When Disaster Strikes!

Last week, 2 minutes of hail and wind wreaked severe damage in our home town. Power outages, smashed windows, and broken roofs have left some folks homeless. What can you do??
When you are picking up the pieces after a hail storm or natural disaster, corporate housing can help. Corporate housing is the industry that provides fully serviced furnished apartments on a short term basis. If you are staying in a hotel while your house is being repaired, read on.
Check with your insurance about housing options.
If you have insurance, ask your agent about a homeowner’s coverage known as additional living expense or ALEcoverage. Additional living expense (ALE) coverage is a type of insurance included within homeowners policies. ALE coverage reimburses the insured for the cost of maintaining a comparable standard of living following a covered loss that exceeds the insured’s normal expenses prior to the loss. (source: https://www.irmi.com/online/insurance-glossary/) With ALE, you can find housing for your family comparable to what you are used to while your home is being repaired after something like a hailstorm.
Do you have ALE coverage?
f you have ALE coverage, ask about corporate housing. Corporate housing professionals can help you find the temporary living space that will give you ample room to live while you waiting for contractors to make your home livable again. Corporate housing providers will negotiate the lease, set up all utilities, your cable and internet, and rent furniture. At Capri, we relieve your burden of wondering where to live, so you can focus on picking up the pieces after a natural disaster.
In areas like Del Rio, insurance adjusters may not know that corporate housing is available. We at Capri have experience helping people through the difficulties of property loss. Often, insurance companies will let you choose your housing provider. You just need to let them know!
Even if you don’t choose a company like Capri, know that you have options other than staying in a hotel. Fully serviced Short term rentals provide more space and comfort, especially in a time of property loss.
If you have been hit with disaster, call us and see how we can help you. You can reach us at 830-768-7799.SAM_1191