Three Tips to stay safe While You Visit the Mexican Border

Holiday travel can be exciting and fun. The Mexican border is a popular vacation site during any holiday. Use these three tips to stay safe while you spend your holidays here.    Border

#1. Exercise caution:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings. Put your smartphone away. Being distracted on your cellphone makes you an easy target for a watchful thief.
  • Dress nice, but not too nice. Don’t wear expensive looking jewelry. Criminals are looking for targets who appear to have more money to steal. Expensive  jewelry operates like a sign that says to a criminal, “Pick me! Pick me!”
  • Keep your camera in a bag or purse. Looking like a tourist makes you an easy mark for a would be thief.

#2 Ensure you have all your documents when you travel.

  • Documents. Make copies of your travel docs and give the copies to someone for safe keeping. While we all expect to return from our trips, not every trip goes as expected. If you lose your documents or become ill, a quick phone call to a trusted friend or relative can save untold misery if an emergency arises.
  • Money. Exchange money at your bank or a reputable exchange service. Shop around for good exchange services, if you plan to use cash. Even better, use a dummy wallet with a little bit of change that you can throw to a mugger. If you never have to use it, great. If you do, it may save your life!
  • At Customs: Have the docs ready when you cross back into the US. Without documents, you WILL be delayed returning to the US until someone in the US can prove your citizenship. Sitting in a customs waiting area can put a big damper on your holiday plans!

#3 Deny predators anonymity!

  • Travel in a group. Numbers provide safety when you are in an unfamiliar country. Predators look for people who are by themselves. It gives them anonymity. Staying with a group makes you a less attractive target.
  • Stay in well traveled, well-lit locations. Again, this denies a criminal a place to lurk.
  • Get home before dark. Enough said there!

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Getting Ready to Travel Tips

Every travel must be worthwhile! It could be a travel intended for work or pleasure but either way, it should be an experience worth remembering.  For some, the challenge in travelling is not the “actual travel” itself but the time prior to it or what we travelcan call as the “getting ready” stage. In order to get tthrough this stage easily, we must know about the things we need to do or prepare before we hop on that plane or in that car.


– Make sure to bring and keep Passport, tickets, ID’s and ATM cards securely.

– Inform your family or friends about your destination and even your itinerary.

– Make sure you have access to important nos. like banktravel (1) numbers, insurance co. numbers, etc.


–  Try to be very simple yet organized as possible. You can do this by first categorizing your things. Determine the best place/bag to store your valuables.

– You can make use of plastics like zip clock in segregating your stuff.


– You can use a backpack or any bag that would fit your things but be sure that it is sturdy and secured enough.

4. Carry On

This is most especially important for long travels. If you have stop-overs, see to it that you have ample number of clean clothes. One thing that should also always be in your carry-on is your medication.


Some clothes are better rolled than folded. It clears more space in your luggage and even makes it lighter!


It is a “must” to know what kind of weather your destination has so you can pack the appropriate clothing and other stuff which might be needed.


Another “must do” especially for long trips is to pre-determine the weight of your luggage ( which would vary per carrier). No one wants to bring a luggage that’s heavier than yourself but you just couldn’t help it right? so know your luggage limit if your not willing to pay extra charge.


A checklist is always a helpful tool and it does apply when you are packing the things you need for travelling! You can also keep a different list for the things you still need to buy. Once you see that everything on your list has been checked, it will surely give a sense of fulfillment!


A travel itinerary is not at all times necessary but could be “something nice to have”. If you are going on a business trip, an itinerary is most likely prepare for you but if you are out on a vacation, you should be able to do some research and list on your own.


Spreading the word does not literally meaning telling your random neighbors about your trip.  The last tip simply because it is the most important of all the tips. You must inform your family, relatives, friends or officemates about your trip and itinerary. Although you want to feel independent, it is still important to be safe when you’re travelling to a different place. You should also take note of the numbers of the local tourism office. If you have any relatives or friends on that place then paying them a visit or meeting up could be a good thing.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation or a business trip then we highly recommend that you check this list!  There could be so many other tips you could share to us so feel free to send us an email at


Internet Safety for You and Your Child

The internet has truly shrunk the world. With Ebay and Amazon, we can buy and sell goods at discounts from any country. Chat rooms and social media have opened the door to new relationships with people on other continents. Yet these same advantages also pose dangers to our children, who have greater access to the Internet through electronics. Never before has so much been so available to us and at the same time given people so much access to our families.

Father with daughter playing on digital tablet. Selective focus on the child's finger.

The Internet is a great place for Cyber stalkers to lure victims. It provides anonymity for criminals looking for opportunity.  In chat rooms, a 42 year old man can pose at a 15 year old boy. But I have good news!! You have tools to empower your child to spot predators and flee their traps.

Here are some Action Steps for Parents you can take to keep your child safe on the internet:

1. Be informed! There are many books and websites available on the subject. Don’t be afraid! Knowledge replaces fear with strength and confidence.

2. Keep lines of communication open with your children. Besides being good parenting, open communication enables your child to come to you if they are concerned about anything they encounter on the internet.  f they know you will listen, your children are more likely to come to you for support and answers about situations they are uncomfortable with.

3. Watch the clock. Limit the amount of time your children are on the internet, just like you do the TV or the phone. Moderation helps them become a well rounded individual. Plus, when you are together, you will really want them to be present with you and not in some “other world”.

4.  Monitor activity. Check in on your children while they are on the internet. If they are under 16, you can insist they be in a common area when they are on their electronics.  Awareness is the first step to prevention or intervention, if necessary.

Action Steps for Children

1. Help your child pick a screen name that will attract the kind of friends your child would like.

2. Tell your child only to send photos with your permission.

3. Tell your child that if he encounter inappropriate or offensive messages, never respond to them.

4. Make sure your child knows to never give anyone personal information or passwords online. While this makes sense to us, telling someone online the kind of car your family has or discussing personal problems on the internet, can reveal to a predator how to find your child.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of actions to take. This blog is meant to empower you to protect your children while they explore the wonderful world of the internet. Feel free to watch our video about internet safety at