Getting Ready to Travel Tips

Every travel must be worthwhile! It could be a travel intended for work or pleasure but either way, it should be an experience worth remembering.  For some, the challenge in travelling is not the “actual travel” itself but the time prior to it or what we travelcan call as the “getting ready” stage. In order to get tthrough this stage easily, we must know about the things we need to do or prepare before we hop on that plane or in that car.


– Make sure to bring and keep Passport, tickets, ID’s and ATM cards securely.

– Inform your family or friends about your destination and even your itinerary.

– Make sure you have access to important nos. like banktravel (1) numbers, insurance co. numbers, etc.


–  Try to be very simple yet organized as possible. You can do this by first categorizing your things. Determine the best place/bag to store your valuables.

– You can make use of plastics like zip clock in segregating your stuff.


– You can use a backpack or any bag that would fit your things but be sure that it is sturdy and secured enough.

4. Carry On

This is most especially important for long travels. If you have stop-overs, see to it that you have ample number of clean clothes. One thing that should also always be in your carry-on is your medication.


Some clothes are better rolled than folded. It clears more space in your luggage and even makes it lighter!


It is a “must” to know what kind of weather your destination has so you can pack the appropriate clothing and other stuff which might be needed.


Another “must do” especially for long trips is to pre-determine the weight of your luggage ( which would vary per carrier). No one wants to bring a luggage that’s heavier than yourself but you just couldn’t help it right? so know your luggage limit if your not willing to pay extra charge.


A checklist is always a helpful tool and it does apply when you are packing the things you need for travelling! You can also keep a different list for the things you still need to buy. Once you see that everything on your list has been checked, it will surely give a sense of fulfillment!


A travel itinerary is not at all times necessary but could be “something nice to have”. If you are going on a business trip, an itinerary is most likely prepare for you but if you are out on a vacation, you should be able to do some research and list on your own.


Spreading the word does not literally meaning telling your random neighbors about your trip.  The last tip simply because it is the most important of all the tips. You must inform your family, relatives, friends or officemates about your trip and itinerary. Although you want to feel independent, it is still important to be safe when you’re travelling to a different place. You should also take note of the numbers of the local tourism office. If you have any relatives or friends on that place then paying them a visit or meeting up could be a good thing.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation or a business trip then we highly recommend that you check this list!  There could be so many other tips you could share to us so feel free to send us an email at


Why choose corporate housing!

Are you a road warrior? Would you like to stay in a place that has all the comforts of your own home? Would you like to be more than another occupant?


If your answer is YES, then look no further!

Admit it, business transactions do not always happen overnight. Most times, a manager or a representative from a company has to stay for a few days or weeks and even reaching up to several months to get things done. You don’t have to settle for cramped quarters anymore. There is an alternative!!

Capri Temporary Housing provides fully serviced apartments for such temporary stays.The units are fully-furnished with the other amenities needed for a comfortable stay. Cost varies on many factors like the size and location of the place. However, corporate housing is often more affordable than hotel stay.

At Capri, we take the pain out of moving so that when you arrive athow housing helps you

your destination, you can enjoy all the comforts of home, hassle free.

Here’s a list of the benefits when choose to stay with us:

  1.  Affordability (less expensive than hotel rates)
  2.  Accessibility (near your workplace)
  3. Personalized (can tailor your package with additional services as you desire and as your budget allows)
  4. Pet friendly (you can bring your pets – depending on certain units)
  5. Home-like environment

If you are travelling or doing a business in Texas or anywhere in the US, give us a call at 800-258-3959. You can also send us an email at  and like us on Facebook.


An Unusual Pet Travel Story–You’ll Never Believe this!

Did you hear about the fattest dog that rode in first class?? fatdogtweet1

This month we have been sharing tips for traveling with pets, and in all my looking, I could not resist sharing this with you!

Read here about the fattest dog that rode in first class on an airplane.  This story started as a tweet from a business traveler. Imagine standing in line behind this passenger!

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Tips for Traveling with Your Pets–A Live Discussion

All month, we’ve been talking about traveling with your pets. Travel nurses choose corporate housing because most apartments are pet friendly. But the tips in this video are great for anyone who will be traveling this holiday season.

I want to share with you a live discussion with pet experts on traveling with you pets, particularly with the holidays just around the corner. If the discussion is live, you can join! If not, you can listen to the replay.


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5 More Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

In our last blog post, we shared 5 tips for people traveling with pets. As a pet owner myself, I often forget that not everyone views our dog as a member of the family. and this can present challenges while you are traveling. But a little forethought and preparation can lead to a more pleasant trip and help your pet adjust to your new home much sooner.

When traveling by car, consider kenneling your pet.Travel-Nursing-Pets_521x373

A kennel helps keep your pet safe during travel. If your furry companion is not familiar with one, begin to acclimate him or her several days in advance with their temporary quarters. Keep in mind that the kennel needs to be a welcoming place, not a punishment. So take the time necessary to train your animal to go into the kennel willingly. A frightened pet makes for a difficult ride.

When traveling by car, take frequent breaks.

If you travel a lot, it’s very tempting to reduce your travel time by taking fewer breaks. When you are driving with your pet, you want to keep him exercised so he will be calmer while you travel. Just like children, regular breaks give you the chance to walk the dog, go to the bathroom, and relieve any pent up energy. Taking time to attend to your dog’s basic needs goes a long way for a more pleasant trip for both of you.

When traveling by air, check with your airlines guidelines for traveling with pets.

Travel by air requires extra planning. Most airlines have pet friendly policies, but you want to know exactly what the policies are. Each airline has its own procedures in terms of how to transport your pet, whether you can transport your pet as cargo or bring it in the cabin with you. Check with your vet and the USDA for travel guidelines. (content:

Bring something familiar to your pet for the transition.

Just like a child, when your pet has her familiar toys she will feel more like she is at home. If you have to leave your pet alone in your new apartment, leave a blanket or article of clothing with your familiar scent on it. It becomes a way for the pet to know you will be back. And smelling you is almost as good as being with you.

Spend extra time with you pet when you are settling in.

New sights and sounds can be very disorienting and stressful for your pet.  If it has been a long day, turn on the TV and relax with Snowball close by. Nothing is more comforting and reassuring to your pet than time spent with you!Take long walks in your new place, too. Long walks, especially when you first arrive, give your pet time to grow accustomed to the area and give you both needed exercise. Time spent with your pet in a new home and its surroundings will pay big dividends in the long run.

Traveling with pets requires thinking ahead, but the rewards can’t be numbered! We often work with pet owners for temporary lodging. Click on this link and sign up for our newsletter to get more information about traveling and options available to you.


5 Facts for Travel Nurses (and Other Travelers) with Pets

One of the first things people ask us when they call about an apartment is, “Do you accept pets?” Travelers of all kinds enjoy benefits from their furry companions, but this is especially important for travel nurses and therapists. In this roundup, I’ll lay out some fun facts and considerations for pet lovers who stay in corporate housing.

  1. Traveling with pets is BENEFICIAL.

Pet owners experience wonderful benefits from their furry companions. They cope with difficult situations better when they travel. They tend to be less stressed, have lower blood pressure, and stay  more active. All these factors contribute to greater enjoyment of life and the new job. 

Source and picture:

2. More Companies WORK with pets.

The benefit of pets for travel nurses have more and more travel staffing agencies working with pet owners. While this is directed to travel nurses, all travelers need to let their company know they have a pet. Knowledgeable professionals can assist you in finding housing when you want to keep your companion with you.

Picture courtesy of



3.  Find Pet Friendly HOUSING.

If you are arranging your own housing, ask if the property accepts pets. Many communities do work with pet owners, but they often have breed restrictions. Offer a “pet reference”, especially if you have a large dog. This document can assure the property that your pet is as well behaved as you know it is. 


4. Know the COST.

Your pet is important! Like anything, pets also carry a cost when it comes to housing. Pet friendly propertyowners and apartment communities often require additional fees and deposits to cover the additional wear and tear caused by a pet.  Be sure that you know the costs associated with having a pet in your apartment so there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of your stay.


5. Bring important PAPERS.

Just like you want to bring your own health records when you travel, remember to bring your pet’s records, too. If your pet needs to see a vet during your extended stay, these papers can be a life saver. Literally! At a glance the doctor will know what meds your dog is allergic to, what meds he is on and what is safe to administer. Keep these safe with other valuable papers for your trip.


Source: Picture:

At Capri, we handle all the aspects of your stay, including your pets. If you are a travel nurse, a travel staffing agency, or you need temporary housing, click here to email us.  We ease your transition in unfamiliar surroundings with professionally furnished apartments at exceptional prices.

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What experiences have you had traveling with your pets? Comment below so others can benefit from your experience!!