Nifty Thanksgiving Tips

Family around the tableWhether you’re having Thanksgiving with family or friends, cooking the meal can be a real chore! Even with nine sets of hands like Anna’s family has, cooking, baking and cleanup can take hours upon hours the day of. For a quicker, easier, more relaxed Thanksgiving day with little to no hassle try some of these tips this year.

Tip 1: Baked Potatoes!

To make things easier the day-of, bake your potatoes in foil the night before and warm them up in the oven or just turn them straightaway into Mashed Potatoes. The foil keeps the skins from drying out and you can avoid using precious oven space by just keep them warm with the rest of the food!

Tip 2: Pies done?

Pie crusts can be frozen! Put the pie crust in your tin(Or buy pre-made pie tins!) and then freeze it until you’re ready to bake. Make the filling for your pies a few days early, then store them in your refrigerator and throw the pie together day of for a fresh tasting and little-hassle pie!

Tip 3: Get the Turkey going!The Perfect Turkey

If you’re having a hard time getting your turkey flavorful and moist all at the same time, start marinating your turkey the night before you cook it and pour a beer of your favorite brand in the roaster to keep it moist!

Tip 4: Cleaning!

Keep the kitchen as clean as you can throughout the entire day, washing as you go to make as little mess to clean up at the end as possible. And to avoid cleaning a thousand plates, stop at the store to pick up some Chinet plates. You can look like glass and classy while still being disposable!

Tip 5: The Cranberry Sauce!Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce has to chill anyway, so why not make it a few days in advance if you’re having homemade sauce? No mess day of and easily stored in the fridge!

Tip 6: A Perfect Gravy!

Getting a lump-free gravy can seem almost impossible during the holidays! However, if you’re cautious about how much liquid you add at a time to your recipe and keep a constant quick stirring hand on it(A fork or whisk works best here), stirring until all the liquid is absorbed into the flour(Or cornstarch) and butter mixture, you should find yourself with a pleasantly smooth gravy.

Tip 7: THANKSgiving!

Really take some time to stop whatever you’re doing, before the meal or after or any time during the day, and remember everything you have to be thankful for. While this may seem like a silly, or almost obvious tip, it’s every bit as important if not more so than the rest of the tips in this blog. Giving thanks helps us to take the focus off ourselves, to remember the blessings in our lives and to think on the reason that we’re having everyone come to our place for a big happy meal.

Just a few tips to make your Thanksgiving stress-free and easier, we hope that they help you this year! What are your nifty Thanksgiving tips for making things easier and more enjoyable? Share your tips in the comments below!

Susannah Scheller is the social media manager for Capri Temporary Housing. Passionate about music, anime and dogs, she keeps our social media hopping! Connect with her on our Facebook page.