10 things to do in Del Rio, pt. 2

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6. Whitehead Museum.

The Whitehead Museum offers a unique look into Del Rio’s past. Founded by the Whitehead family, the museum boasts of a small pioneer village in the middle of the exhibits. Children love towhitehead museum explore the Perry store, and a replica of Judge Roy Bean’s famous Jersey Lilly. A town favorite is the Archaeology Fair, hosted by the National Parks Service every October. Relive history by grinding corn into meal on a grindstone or making an adobe brick. Visiting the Whitehead Museum is considered one of the top 7 things to do in Del Rio, whether you are visiting, or you live here.

7. Del Rio Council for the Arts.del-rio-council-for-the

The Del Rio Council for the Arts is housed in the historic Firehouse located downtown on Garfield St. First Friday Art walks, held every 1st Friday of the month, allow local artists to display their creations for visitors to view and purchase. Through the fall and spring, classes are available for children and adults of all ages who want to try their hand at some new craft. If you love to cook, then check out the Philip Mahl memorial Kitchen, where something good is always cooking up. Click on delrioarts.com for more information.

8. Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum.Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, TX

How important is airpower for national security? Few understand the incredible role the Air Force plays in protecting our freedom. A visit to the Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum will help you appreciate the proud history that Laughlin Air Base has here in Del Rio as a pilot training base. Click this link for more information.

9. Fort Clark Springs.

ft-clark-springs-golfHistoric Fort Clark Springs is located along US Hwy 90 in Brackettville, TX. A popular toursit atrraction, the fort offers recreational and historic pleasure to visitors. Visit the Guardhouse Museum to learn about the indigenous military history of the fort. If swimming is your thing, then you’ll want to take a dip in the cool waters of the 300 foot walled swimming pool fed by the Las Moras Springs. Golfers enjoy hitting a few balls on this 18 hole golf course. The short drive to the Springs is worth it! For more information, click on this website for Fort Clark Springs.

10. Shopping in Mexico.

Violence along the border in recent years has affected tourism in the sister city of Ciudad Acuna, but smart precautions can make for a pleasurable experience to pick up souvenirs across the Rio Grande. The city is built around the main plaza and its cathedral. You can taste authentic Mexican food at one of the vendor carts parked along the plaza, as well as pick up souvenirs of your visit. Visit the famous Corona Club, featured by Robert Rodriguez in two of his films, one including Antonio Banderas as “Desperado”. For smart travel in Mexico, see our blog post on Three Tips to Stay Safe While You Visit the Mexican Border.Mexican hats

Whether you are here for a week, a month, or longer, be sure to enjoy the attractions we have to offer in our border town, Del Rio, Texas. “The Best of the Border”



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10 Things to Do While you Stay in Del Rio, TX, Pt. 1

Are you coming to Del Rio, Texas for business travel? Wonder what there is to do here?

We get this question a lot, so this blogpost is dedicated to helping you discover all the wonderful things you can do while you stay in Del Rio. While you are staying with us short term, we want you to know some of the best attractions Del Rio has to offer.

1. Amistad National Recreation Area. Lake Amistad is the reservoir formed behind Amistad Dam along the Rio Grande River. One of the cleanest lakes in Texas, visitors can boat, camp, hike or swim in the National Recreation Area. If you fish, you probably already know that ESPN proclaimed Lake Amistad as the best bass-fishing lake in the world! For more information, go to this link.

Many activities await the visitor to Del Rio in the Amistad National Recreation Area.

Many activities await the visitor to Del Rio in the Amistad National Recreation Area.











2. Amistad Dam. Amistad means friendship in Spanish. Amistad Dam located on the Rio Grande River just 7 or 8 miles due west of Del Rio off US 90 creates the largest reservoir along the international boundary between the United States and Mexico. Just after you leave US 90 to go to the dam, you will find a road that leads to Governor’s Landing, where you can have a picnic, set a canoe in the water or swim in the lake. At night, you can drive to scenic lookouts to view beautiful sunsets over the lake. For more information about the dam, click here.



3. Devil’s River State Natural Area. This river is definitely for the adventurous! According to Texas Monthly, ” You might be tempted to dismiss it as the Pecos lite, but the Devils packs a bigger punch into less than one hundred miles.” Check out Amistad Expeditions when your ready for some real “wet river rafting”.

North of Del Rio on US 277 you will find access to the Devil's River, considered one of the most pristine rivers in Texas.

North of Del Rio on US 277 you will find access to the Devil’s River, considered one of the most pristine rivers in Texas.


4. Seminole Canyon State Park. In addition to the usual outdoor activities in a Texas State Park, Seminole Canyon houses Fate Bell Shelter, one of the oldest prehistoric cave dwellings in North America. On the guided tours to the shelter, you can view Indian rock paintings. Even the non-enthusiast will find these paintings fascinating. For more information, click this link.


5.  Val Verde Winery. The oldest continuously running winery in Texas, Italian immigrant Joe Qualia established Val Verde Winery in 1883.

His son and grandson have continued to use Joe’s traditional method to create award winning wines. For hours and to get a tour, click on this link.

Award winning wines

Award winning wines

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Travel Tips from a Corporate Housing Provider

Staying safe while you are away from home for an extended time is so important during the holidays! Watch this video in which Anna shares some tips to deter would be thieves from spoiling your Christmas!




Know that criminals are looking for opportunities for crime. These tips are designed to help you reduce the amount of opportunity you may unknowingly offer a would be burglar during the holidays.

Three important points:

1. Do not discuss your travel plans in public. You never know who is listening! Someone may be looking for an opportunity to get some extra Christmas presents. At your expense.

2. Give your home the illusion of occupancy. Have a neighbor pick up your newspapers. Get a house sitter. Put the lights inside and out on timers. All these actions give a burglar second thoughts about choosing you as their next victim.

3. Put your garage door opener in your purse or briefcase. If your car is stolen with all the gifts inside, they can’t get into your house as well.


Comment below. Share any tips you have on holiday safety! We’d love to hear from you!