Great Places to Stay in Ireland

Irish Hospitality.

I must say, I never felt so welcome as I did when I arrived in Ireland.


Here are some of the places I stayed as I made my way around the Emerald Isle


Samantha Kelly (the Tweetinggoddess) and Catherine at City North Hotel

City North Hotel
Our first three nights we stayed at the City North Hotel. Being accustomed to American hotel rooms, we were delighted to find a queen size bed and a twin bed for our stay. On the table were 3 bottles of water and a fruit basket which was replenished each day. Catherine, the sales director, went out of her way to make me feel at home. Breakfast served in the restaurant offered traditional Irish foods as well as cereals, juices, coffee and tea. What I liked best? The smile of each staff member as they helped me and my family get acclimated during our first few days in Ireland 
Killiane Castle
Our lovely hostess, Kathleen, at Killiane Castle

Our lovely hostess, Kathleen, at Killiane Castle

Probably the most interesting place we stayed during our visit to Ireland, Killiane Castle is located on a farm just outside Wexford. Breakfast at the castle was quite a treat. Freshly squeezed juices assorted bowls of stewed fruits and fruit salad as well as homemade granola and muesli needed us our first morning there as if that were not enough our host Paul brought out menus for a hot breakfast my favorite was the baked eggs but I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the choices. I learned that Kathleen cook everything herself who gets to stay at an Irish Castle we were also told of a Friendly Ghost that haunts the castle but we never saw it. Walking around the ground was like taking a step back in time. Check out the pictures at 

Friendly staff

Friendly staff

Wellington Park Hotel

After a long day of travel and a late arrival, we were greeted by friendly front desk staff. To my relief, they arranged our bus tour for the next day. Due to our brief stay, we couldn’t avail ourselves of the attractions within walking distance which included Ulster Museum, Queen’s University, and the Botanic Gardens. We’ll have to return and check them out during our next visit. The Wellington Park Hotel is a warm and inviting place for your stay in Belfast
Quiet retreat in Clontarf, Dublin, just minutes from public transport.

Quiet retreat in Clontarf, Dublin, just minutes from public transport.

Aishling House
 Our friendly host, Bob, will make you glad you chose to stay with them. Away from the beaten path and nestled in a residential area Aishling House offered a quiet respite from busy days of sightseeing and walking around Dublin. Being close to public transportation made it easy to get in and out of Dublin City Centre. Breakfast was a combination of cold entrees available on the buffet, and hot dishes prepared by the Bob and Fran. Victorian style decorations invited us to a step away to a simpler era, adding to the feeling of quiet and peace here .
Our trip to Ireland put us on the receiving end of hospitality. Here are some lessons learned:
  1. Make every guest feel particularly welcome. From bottles of water to arranging taxis, we appreciated every gesture that said, “We’re glad you chose to stay with us.”
  2.  Clean fresh accommodations help weary travelers feel comfortable and refreshed. Thirsty towels and crisp sheets invited us to feel at home.
  3. Little details make a difference. Offering to get buses and taxis took a load off my mind when we arrived in each City. What a relief for me as a traveler.

I want to thank Samantha Kelly and Ursula Brierty for helping us find accommodations. It was nice having someone else make arrangements for us. Thank you, Ladies.

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A Letter, A Picture, and A Company

The seeds of Capri Temporary Housing started with a photograph.22mom
“Who is this, Ma?” Luigi asked.
“Oh, that’s Gianni,” his mother replied in broken English. “The daughter of my friend”
“What friend?”
Dad’s mother, Anna, came to America from a small village near Sorrento, Italy. Anna grew up with Maria, my mother’s mom. Anna’s older sister, Luisa, had passed away, leaving 3 children behind. At her own mother’s urging, Anna married her sister’s husband and moved to  Brooklyn, New York,  to raise his children. She and my grandfather, Salvatore, had another eight children, of which my father was her third child. Anna missed her home and stayed in touch with her friend, Maria, through letters.
My mom, the oldest of Maria’s five children, and the only girl, quit school in the 4th grade to help her mother at home. Her brothers often spied on her when she grew older, and once, her father dragged home when her brothers told him about a secret meeting with a boyfriend. Mom longed for freedom, and ached to come to America. One day in May of 1959, her mother, Maria,  sent a picture of my then 22 year old mother to Anna. This picture turned my dad’s head. And soon, Giovanna, my mother received a letter from this dashing young man in America

On September 1st, 1959, they met for the first time. Dad proposed. Mom accepted. 10 days   later, on September 10th, they were married in a little chapel near the little village where my grandmothers and my mother grew up.

10 Days leads to 38 Years

10 days leads to 38 years

The next 38 years flew by.  I remember setting the table every holiday with the best china in preparation for the  friends who were always welcome in our home. Mom and Dad loved to entertain guests! I guess that is where I got the bug to offer hospitality. Even if guests dropped in, Mom always found food and coffee to offer them to make them feel at home. My parents never knew a stranger, and neither do we!

I chose the name Capri to honor my Italian heritage. It is part of the culture of our company. For instance, the fixin’s for a spaghetti dinner sit in a gift bag on the counter of your furnished apartment.
Hospitality is the fabric of our service to you. It is our mission to give you the best in furnished apartments, wherever you need us. Like my parents, you will never be a stranger!
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