3 Easy Actions to Help You Be Safe This Holiday Season

In the wake of the tragedy in Paris, many people are  thinking about personal safety. It’s on all our minds!

Capri Cares!

Because we serve travelers year round, we created this audio to share 3 simple actions you can take to stay safe while you are in public. Let’s face it. During the holidays, our to do list and travel plans keep us from focusing on the present moment. These distractions, however, create the perfect cover for crime. As a corporate housing provider, we are invested in the travel safety of our clients and friends, and so we created this audio for you.  This audio is for informational purposes, so you can be better prepared to avoid interpersonal violence.

What about the Police?

That’s a great question. Yes, law enforcement is there to deal with the bad guys that can ruin a perfectly good vacation! Wouldn’t it be nice if they could be everywhere to catch criminals! The fact is that the few tips we share in the audio below can go a long ways in helping them do their job. The simple tips which you can exercise whenever you are in public will lessen the likelihood that you will need the police to come.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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Disclaimer: None of the information given can be construed as legal or professional advice. We make no guarantees for your personal safety if you act on this information. Rather, consider it as a tool kit that you can use to lessen the chance of falling victim to crime.

Click below to listen to 3 tips to help you stay safe in Public.


Here are some resources for you to get more information:

No Nonsense Self Defense

Refuse to be a Victim Seminar

Corporate Travel Safety

We wish you  a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Corporate apartments offer another level of security for the frequent traveler. Apartments are more private, often located in gated communities. We have apartments across the South Central Texas area. Let us know how we can serve you if you are traveling in Del Rio, Eagle Pass, or Laredo, Texas,  over the holidays. Check out our availability here.

What do you do to prevent crime when you are traveling? Comment below and we may include your suggestions in a future blog!




Tips for Traveling with Your Pets–A Live Discussion

All month, we’ve been talking about traveling with your pets. Travel nurses choose corporate housing because most apartments are pet friendly. But the tips in this video are great for anyone who will be traveling this holiday season.

I want to share with you a live discussion with pet experts on traveling with you pets, particularly with the holidays just around the corner. If the discussion is live, you can join! If not, you can listen to the replay.


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Three Tips to stay safe While You Visit the Mexican Border

Holiday travel can be exciting and fun. The Mexican border is a popular vacation site because of the warm weather during the holidays. Use these three tips to stay safe while you spend your holidays here.Mexican flags

#1. Exercise caution:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings. Put your smartphone away. Being distracted on your cellphone makes you an easy target for a watchful thief.
  • Dress nice, but not too nice. Don’t wear expensive looking jewelry. Criminals are looking for targets who appear to have more money to steal. Expensive  jewelry operates like a sign that says to a criminal, “Pick me! Pick me!”
  • Keep your camera in a bag or purse. Looking like a tourist makes you an easy mark for a would be thief.

#2 Ensure you have all your documents when you travel.

  • Documents. Make copies of your travel docs and give the copies to someone for safe keeping. While we all expect to return from our trips, not every trip goes as expected. If you lose your documents or become ill, a quick phone call to a trusted friend or relative can save untold misery if an emergency arises.
  • Money. Exchange money at your bank or a reputable exchange service. Shop around for good exchange services, if you plan to use cash. Even better, use a dummy wallet with a little bit of change that you can throw to a mugger. If you never have to use it, great. If you do, it may save your life!
  • At Customs: Have the docs ready when you cross back into the US. Without documents, you WILL be delayed returning to the US until someone in the US can prove your citizenship. Sitting in a customs waiting area can put a big damper on your holiday plans!

#3 Deny predators anonymity!

  • Travel in a group. Numbers provide safety when you are in an unfamiliar country. Predators look for people who are by themselves. It gives them anonymity. Staying with a group makes you a less attractive target.
  • Stay in well traveled, well-lit locations. Again, this denies a criminal a place to lurk.
  • Get home before dark. Enough said there!

While you stay with us, we want you to have the best holiday yet! If you have plans to be in Del Rio for Christmas, check out our short term fully furnished apartments for the week you are here. Our locations are in safe neighborhoods and provide your own place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

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Travel Tips from a Corporate Housing Provider

Staying safe while you are away from home for an extended time is so important during the holidays! Watch this video in which Anna shares some tips to deter would be thieves from spoiling your Christmas!




Know that criminals are looking for opportunities for crime. These tips are designed to help you reduce the amount of opportunity you may unknowingly offer a would be burglar during the holidays.

Three important points:

1. Do not discuss your travel plans in public. You never know who is listening! Someone may be looking for an opportunity to get some extra Christmas presents. At your expense.

2. Give your home the illusion of occupancy. Have a neighbor pick up your newspapers. Get a house sitter. Put the lights inside and out on timers. All these actions give a burglar second thoughts about choosing you as their next victim.

3. Put your garage door opener in your purse or briefcase. If your car is stolen with all the gifts inside, they can’t get into your house as well.


Comment below. Share any tips you have on holiday safety! We’d love to hear from you!